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Your carpet gets a lot of foot traffic, so it’s bound to suffer some damage eventually. But that doesn’t mean you need to think about getting new flooring just yet.

Before you think about replacing your carpet, think about repairing it first. Lotus Carpet Repair Bulimba specializes in providing you with reliable services capable of repairing your carpet to a condition that is like new.

Let’s examine some of the most common situations where carpet repair is not only needed but also one of the most appropriate actions to take. This can help you save money, headaches and hassles by opting to repair rather than to replace your carpet.
Lotus Carpet Repair Bulimba provide Best carpet repair services and can fix a variety of problems such as split seams, ripples, burns and even permanent stains.

Professional Carpet Repair Bulimba

Our Carpet Repair Bulimba technicians are certified and well trained to understand the importance of stretching and repairing carpets using the most effective industry leading methods and tools. When Carpet Repair done correctly by a certified carpet repair technician, this will not only save you money, but will add many more years to your carpet.
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We repair all types of damage, including: carpet water damage repair, moth damage repair, or damage from vacuum cleaners, burns repair from cigarettes and heat lamps, and of course carpet stains repair of just about any kind.


Pet damages Carpet Repairs

Dogs and cats wreck havoc on carpets. There is no other way to put it.
Pets like to scratch, claw and chew everything in sight especially carpets. Good thing Lotus Carpet Repair & Carpet Retretching Bulimba is around to fix the damage they cause!
Our carpet repair specialist are very familiar with Carpet damage by pets and can handle this problem with speed and efficiency.

Seam Repair / Carpet Seaming

All carpets have seams, but an open seam has the potential to be dangerous. These problems might start small like a fray but will eventually develop into a larger problem like a lift. Whatever your situation, Our Carpet repair Bulimba experts can handle it in efficient manner.
In some cases we will need to remove the seam that is damaged and attach a new piece of carpet with a new seam.
Seam repair is less expensive than replacing your entire carpet and will definitely prolong the life of your carpet.

Carpet Installation Bulimba

Our professional Carpet installers will arrive with the knowledge, tools, and supplies to lay your new carpet.
Our Professional carpet installer not only does repair carpet, They can also install carpet. When you need to replace your flooring, Contact Lotus Cleaning Bulimba
 0425 029 990We can get the job done right in affordable price!

Carpet Burn Repairs

You can get a Carpet burn repair Bulimba carried out quite cheaply compared to the cost of carpet replacement. Cigarettes, dropped clothes irons, heated floor lamps and stray embers from your fireplace all have one thing in common: they can singe your carpet. When this happens, you may think that your carpet is impossible to fix. Those brown or black marks may seem like they’re going to stay there until you completely replace your carpet.
By utilizing advanced techniques, Lotus Carpet Repair Bulimba can take those burn marks right out of your carpet. We can make your carpet look as good as new without having to worry about side effects like discoloration.


Carpet ReStretching Bulimba / Carpet Lying

Carpet re-stretching is an excellent alternative to completely replacing your carpet. Carpet stretching prolongs the life of your carpet and helps to prevent any accidents or falls from occurring. 
Lotus carpet Restretching Bulimba uses a combination of tools to re-stretch and smooth out buckles,wrinkles,ripples. We have re-stretched and repaired hundreds of yards of carpet satisfying many clients who did not have to replace their carpet, therefore saving them thousands of dollars.

Carpet Patching

If your carpet is damaged, only select parts of it will need replacement. Carpet patches are used in situations where the carpet has been physically damaged such as a pulled row, a cigarette ,fireplace burn or a bleach spot. When we clean the undamaged old sections and replace the damaged parts with new segments, the cost is significantly lower than getting a new carpet, and it looks great too! 
Our Professional Carpet Patching team can take out the stained carpet and patch it with a piece of your remnant carpet. They are careful to match up patterns, weaves and textures.


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